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Funk Brasil


FUNK BRASIL is a free Drum Pads style application of Brazilian Funk. An application made ​​for Android, lightweight, fun and easy to use. With it you can create beats of Funk Carioca, Funk Ostentação, Funk Melody, Funk Paulista and even become a DJ! There are 90 drum pads with several loops, beats, and vocals for you to find the perfect Funk beat. Sounds recorded with studio audio quality. The most complete Drum Pads style app. With it, besides create the beat, you can record your own voices and use it in the mixes. Ideal for DJs and Music Producers!
Try Funk Brazil and create the new funk hit!
Please refer to Funk Brazil: * Multi Touch * 6 complete kits of funk music * 90 realistic sounds * Studio audio quality* Like a Drum Pads* Easy to play * For DJs and amateurs * 3 Examples * Recording Mode * Works on all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD Images) * Free
The app is free. But you can remove all advertisements buying a license! Try the best and most complete Drum Pads of Brazilian funk on Google Play!
FUNK BRASIL是巴西恐怖的免费鼓垫风格的应用程序。对于Android,重量轻,好玩又好用提出申请。有了它,你可以创建芬克卡里奥卡,芬克Ostentação,芬克旋律,芬克保利斯塔的节拍,甚至成为一个DJ!
请参考芬克巴西:*多点触摸* 6完整的放克音乐套件* 90逼真的声音*工作室音频质量*如鼓垫*易于发挥*对于DJ和业余爱好者* 3例子*记录模式*适用于所有的屏幕分辨率 - 手机和平板电脑(高清图片)*免费
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